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21 Set 2019

“This event has a great charm”

After winning in MMR Asturias Bike Race 2019 and taking a second place in Andalucía Bike Race presented by Caja Rural Jaén 2019, Natalia Fischer will try to take her first victory in YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race. After her third and second place in 2017 and 2018, respectively, the cyclist from Malaga wants the first one. Her second place at the XCM Nationals as in the XCO ensure a great battle by the MMR Factory Racing Team cyclist.

We saw you struggling at Cazorla, in XCM Nationals. What moment are you in, physically, to compete in YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race?

Yes! I struggled a lot! I felt really sick the night before. I didn’t have a good feeling in the first part of the Championship but I finished it in the best mood possible. I’m in a good shape for this YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race and I’ll give my best. Also I’ve got an extra motivation.


You already participated in the two past editions. What makes you to come back again a third one?

The singletracks, the atmosphere, the gastronomy… this event has a great charm.


Last year, like in the year before that, you fought for the final victory. Could this year be the good one for the victory?

I’m really looking forward to it, honestly. As they say, third time lucky I hope.


What do you think you should do differently to win this YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race?

A key point is to recon the stages. This year, with the busy calendar that I had, it’s been impossible.


For all of those who haven’t participated yet. How would you define this YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race?

A unique event of pure Mountain Bike.




Mitjans Oficials