Jofre Cullell

Talking about Jofre Cullell is talking about present and future. The 20 year old from Santa Coloma de Farners has become one of the principal athletes on the first positions in the young categories, as such as national and European scenario.

In 2016 he won the National XCO title, which he won again in 2017. Precisely that year was the year he won the European XCO title as well. After stepping to the U23 category, Cullell won the National XCO title two consecutive years. In 2018 and 2019. His domain in Spain is not only in XCO, because he also won the National CX title in 2018.

Birth date: 10th of March of 1999

Birth place:  Santa Coloma de Farners


Mountain Bike

2019     Arguedas (Navarra)                     Spanish XCO U23 Champion

2018     Moralzarzal (Madrid)                  Spanish XCO U23 Champion


2017     Cofrentes (Valencia)                    Spanish XCO junior Champion

Darfo Boario Terme (Italia)         European XCO U23 Champion

2016     Maceda (Galícia)                           Spanish XCO U23 Champion



2018     Legazpi (Euskadi)                         Spanish CX U23 Champion




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