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21 Feb 2020

Octagon Esedos incorporates José Antonio Hermida as a cycling events analyst and advisor

The commitment with the Olympic medalist and World Champion is strengthened to continue with his knowledge and experience in the world of cycling

Octagon Esedos reinforces its team with one of the reference names in Spanish and world cycling. The Olympic medalist in Athens 2004, World Champion in individual and relay cross country in 1999, 2000, 2005 and 2010 and icon of the Mountain Bike, José Antonio Hermida, joins Octagon Esedos as an analyst, consultant and advisor of cycling events.

The professional cyclist's commitment to the agency has lasted for years and is now consolidated to continue to count on all his knowledge and experience in the sector.

Hermida is already collaborating in the development of the Bike Race events distributed throughout Spain (Order 180 Tramadol OvernightTramadol Purchase OvernightTramadol 100Mg Buy Online and Tramadol To Buy Cheap) as well as in the Order Tramadol 180 Cod. Now this collaboration will take a step forward, as the four times world champion joins the staff of the Octagon Esedos projects. In this sense, the objective is to develop new business opportunities, open new markets and take advantage of all his advice in both mountain biking and road cycling.




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