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31 Jul 2017

Powerade, new official sponsor

The leading brand in isotonic beverages will offer 14,000 liters of beverage during the three stages

Powerade, the leading brand in isotonic drinks, joins GAES Catalunya Bike Race presented by Shimano as official sponsor. Participants will be able to enjoy all their products, 14,000 liters in total, in each of the supplies and on arrival.

Powerade will also be featured at the welcome party to be held before the start of the three-stage race to be held in Bellver de Cerdanya (Lleida), offering refreshment to all Mountain Bikers and accompanying persons approaching the Paddock along the line Exit and goal of the race. In the Paddock will have a space next to the podium to welcome all MTB lovers who want to enjoy a unique experience in a unique environment.




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