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02 Aug 2017

José Antonio Hermida: “Each kilometre of the race has a goal”

Silver at the Athens Olympic Games 2004, is the test ambassador and travel designer

There are two months left to start the first GAES Catalunya Bike Race presented by Shimano, how are you living it?

It is a very special race and I am living the preparation in a different way because I am the ambassador and not only a participant, I am very keen and motivated. Being responsible for the journey entails a healthy pressure to teach the territory and the environment. I hope all the participants get a good impression of the trails and tracks that we have prepared for them.

At the sports level, I have the motivation to train well to do a good role at home.

We have already taken 600 registered, did you expect that two months for the start of the race?

From the organization we knew that we could reach a certain number of enrolled. The final figure will surely be what we expect, but it is true that it has surprised us the good acceptance that had GAES Catalunya Bike Race presented by Shimano since the day it was presented in Barcelona.

The most normal thing is that the majority of participants sign up at the last moment still having the date saved for months. The rest is a final-season race and the Mountain Bikers are tired. This figure shows the confidence they have in the organization and in the races that has already organized such as La Rioja Bike Race presented by Shimano and Andalucía Bike Race presented by Shimano.

The provisional tours were published two weeks ago, what will be the participants in Bellver de Cerdanya?

You will find a circuit that will not be very long at the level of mileage, because we want to prevail the quality of kilometers before the amount. We seek that all that is part of the route has a meaning.

The territory is high mountain and 100 km in one stage is impossible, by land and height. We believe that the three stages of a few kilometers but all with a reason to be like the Mountain Bikers.

What makes Cerdanya a territory so ideal for practicing MTB?

La Cerdanya is an ideal territory for doing all kinds of sports activities. Not only is it a resting place, because there are many possibilities to practice different sports.

In addition, despite the height, there are incredibly high tops but many ups and downs with very fun and technical trails that allow you to enjoy every kilometer.

Another plus we have is that Cerdanya is one of the valleys with the most Sun hours throughout Europe. This allows MTB to be practiced during many hours, not forgetting that this sport is respectful of nature and we will not create any new path for the race, but we take advantage of the hundreds that are in these areas.

The MTB has more and more practitioners, is it due in part to these values that it transmits?

Without a doubt. The MTB is not a new sport, it has always had a group of faithful practitioners. In Spain, it has helped a lot the appearance of Marathon races by stages, because it was a country traditionally of Cross Country, but in the last years the pole of attention has changed.

Every weekend there are many races of MTB and help make it an easy to practice sport, with little material. In addition, the society has changed the activities in its free time and the sport has gained ground in this aspect. What MTB, besides being beneficial for health, is for nature and allows you to have more contact with her help, no doubt.

What do you recommend to a participant to study in a stage race?

I would recommend focus on enjoying the summer cycling for two reasons: the first is that it is a great way to spend free time, meet people and new environments. The second is that the more you go cycling, the better prepared will be for the three stages of GAES Catalunya Bike Race presented by Shimano.

Once the race begins, it is very important to keep in mind that it is three days of competition. This entails saving and measuring strengths, feeding and hydrating well and above all, being aware that all participants will be in Bellver de Cerdanay with the same objective, which is to have fun and meet people. So my best advice is to enjoy MTB MTB maximum of three days!




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