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17 May 2019

Register soon for YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race 2019!

Registration will begin on May 21 with 200 start numbers at 160 €

 The third edition of YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race will be held in La Cerdanya from September 26 to 29, will become a mountain biking stage race of four days, according to the 2019 regulations of the International Cycling Union (UCI), and will maintain its UCI XCS 2 class.

YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race will begin its registration period next Tuesday, May 21. The first 200 registered will have a special price of 169 €. Exhausted this promotion, the registration price will be 189 € to reach the next three hundred, up to the first 500. From registration number 501 and up to 750, will have a price of 209 €, and the last block to reach 1,000 numbers, the final cost will be 229 € while the limited to a thousand riders.

The sensational environment for the practice of Mountain Biking with the majesty of the Pyrenees, has made it one of the most attractive events on the calendar. 




Official Media