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07 Sep 2017

El Periòdic d'Andorra, official media of GAES Catalunya Bike Race presented by Shimano

The Andorran media joins the stage race to be held in Bellver de Cerdanya

The Andorran media has joined forces with GAES Catalunya Bike Race presented by Shimano and has become one of the official media of the race that will be played from September 29 to October 1 in Bellver de Cerdanya (Lleida)

El Periòdic d'Andorra is one of the media of reference in the Principality and they will break borders to inform about the day to day of the habitants of the country and it arrives to the race of category UCI XCS2. During the three days of the race they will be able to follow the sporting development of the Andorrans bikers and bring the MTB world a bit closer to Andorran society. At the same time, the Andorran media has coordinated with the organization a previous ad campaign and news about the race.




Official Media