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20 Sep 2017

"Two high-intensity rock concerts can exhaust the same as a good bike training"

Salva Racero will enliven the arrival of the first stage with a music concert "to relax the Mountain Bikers after the stage"

From 6 pm on September 29th, the awards ceremony of the first stage of GAES Catalunya Bike Race presented by Shimano will be held in Bellver de Cerdanya, the presentation of the race by the authorities and the Mountain Bikers can eat a pasta dish accompanied by a drink and to close the day there will be a music concert by Salva Racero, former singer of Lax'n'Busto.

After ten years as the singer of the successful Catalonian band Lax'n'Busto, Salva Racero left the band to continue with a solo project. Now the music is still his live and he will be the responsible for the arrival of the participants of the first stage of GAES Catalunya Bike Race presented by Shimano in the Paddock which will be located in Bellver de la Cerdanya.

Racero, as a hobby but at the same time as physical training to be on stage, is a great lover of cycling and regularly goes out to train with his friends. The singer is clear that Mountain Bikers should be very concentrated during the three days, so with his music he wants to distract them at the end of the first stage.

"The bicycle is a sport where the head and the legs have to go in the same direction. When you finish your exercise, you should rest physically, but also mentally, so I think the entertainment proposal that will offer the race will help the participants to relax", said Racero.

The former singer of Lax'n'Busto, who will sing songs of this band, versions of the great groups of history and also promises some surprise of his new project, usually goes on a road bike but wants to give way to the MTB. "I will intent to register for the next editions of GAES Catalunya Bike Race presented by Shimano. The feeling of those who are amateurs is incredible, because it goes much further than a cycling tour. Here you have the option to feel professional for three days alongside the best in this sport", says Racero.

"My father rode at a young age and I was hooked on the love for the bike. As I grew up and dedicated myself to the musical world I realized that it is very necessary to be in shape to be able to give everything on stage and to go out on bike is one of the best ways to train", explains the singer, before adding without a apex of joke that "two high-intensity rock concerts of what we did with Lax'n'Busto can exhaust as well as a good training in bicycle".




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