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04 Jul 2018

Regenerate with Compex!

Compex will again offer its exclusive active recovery service with its electrostimulators

Compex continues as official sponsor of GAES Catalunya Bike Race presented by Shimano and offering its free active recovery electrostimulation service at the Paddock.

The Swiss brand, leader in electrostimulation, offers an effective recovery method using electrostimulators that’s available to riders at the end of each stage.

The electrostimulation and technology of the brand have become an indispensable and very effective tool for athletes, both after practising sports as for training.


Benefits of this technology

Compex favours and accelerates muscle recovery after an intense effort by reducing fatigue. The electrostimulation helps to eliminate the metabolites of muscular contraction, increasing considerably blood flow, relieving pain, reducing stiffnesses, and relaxing and contracting the muscles, to increase the training benefits and the athlete’s progress.

It has a multitude functions, outstanding its physical preparation programs, sports performance increase, recovery and muscle rehabilitation.

Book this service on the registration platform or get in contact with inscripciones@catalunyabikerace.com.




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