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08 Aug 2018

“You’ll be very satisfied!”

José Antonio Hermida (Merida), silver medal at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, world champion in all cross country (XCO) categories, and a mountain biking icon, is GAES Catalunya Bike Race presented by Shimano ambassador, which runs along his “playground”.

The most representative of this edition will be…

The novelty of this year is that there will be two stages in Puigcerdà and the final stage will be held at La Molina Bike Park. The most representative of this edition will be the amount of singletracks and the speed of these, with more flow than last edition. 

The most amazing point of the route

We’ll find a race with a completely different structure from the first edition. We’ve added more kilometres of Bike Park so that all riders finish with a huge smile. It was the most enjoyed section last edition, so we decided to extend it.

The biggest change will be…

It’s a completely different route. Having this year two stages in Puigcerdà and another in La Molina, we ensure to have three quarters of the route new. They are very unknown stages to everyone and will characterise by a comfortable and safe riding, with fast and short stages. People will be very satisfied!

It has to be faced…

The tip is to enjoy and take each stage calmly. Compared to other stage races, at GAES Catalunya Bike Race presented by Shimano we find fewer kilometres and a correct elevation, where every kilometre has been previously studied. It will be a hard race, but not because of the kilometres and climbing, but due to the terrain and orography. 

La Cerdanya and MTB, a successful couple…

La Cerdanya as a mountain biking territory is perfect since it has a little bit of altitude. The stages we don’t reach the mountain peaks, we stay halfway, at a maximum of 2.000 metres in La Molina. Puigcerdà’s open mountaneous environment offers a light version of the Pyrenees, where there’s less little rocks, we find much forest and cattle meadows, which are grateful for downhilling. Furthermore, it’s a route that you can’t miss it: wherever you go, you always arrive to Puigcerdà.

Lots to do in La Cerdanya…

There are many outdoors activities in La Cerdanya. Marketplace takes place in Puigcerdà on Sunday, and it’s one of the few villages that’s active on Sunday. Since stages aren’t so long, it allows those who come with companions to share time together. You can walk around Puigcerdà, visit the lake and its surroundings, and at La Molina there’s a zip line and climbing area, besides others.




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