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19 Sep 2018

“I’m going to do my best and enjoy it a lot”

German Bettina Janas (Sportograf) will race GAES Catalunya Bike Race shifted by XTR 2018 willing to show her best version. A versatile athlete who is very used to racing different disciplines like triathlon, running, road cycling or mountain biking.


I’m very happy to be part of this race, and be able to ride again after having a hard season due to health matters. I’m not sure how in shape I’ll be due to the lack of training but I feel good, and I’m going to do my best and enjoy it a lot.

Your main reason to participate…

I have verified that Spaniards know how to organise MTB races. It’s always fun to race in Spain, since you have very cool routes and beautiful landscapes.

Your particular strength is…

I love tecnhical singletracks and steep climbs. The more harder a race is, the stronger I am, and this is why I like the stage races.

Your contenders are strong

I have matched with Clàudia Galicia in other races, and she’s very nice, kind and a very strong girl, however, in some occasion I have been able to win her. Anyway, I hope that the strongest wins the race.

The best time of a stage race is…

When you cross the finish line healthy and surely that you have done your best, without crashes, problems and maybe winning.




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