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Information / Service

Best Tramadol Online, Tramadol Online Cheap

Service free for riders. Mechanical assistance to all riders both on arrival at the finish line and at specific points along the route to solve any technical breakdown. Free assistance, in order of arrival and capacity. Spare parts are not included.


Free service for participants. You will find a washing area where you can clean your bike once the stage is over.


Reserved, roofed and guarded space to leave the bicycle. Access restricted only to riders whose bracelet much match with the bicycle’s number in order to be removed.


As a prevention measure of Covid-19, the food supplies will be given to each participant in a closed plastic bag where it can contain fruit, gels and drinks. Volunteers who are in the feed zone will be duly dressed in PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and there will be a distance of 2m between the feed delivery zone and the participant. After the feed zone crossing, the organization will locate a zone for taking the refreshment with trestles to leave the bicycle and containers to throw away the rubbish.


The race has strong safety measures along the route as well as a field hospital at the paddock. There’s also a telephone number on various items, which can be called in case of an emergency.


Nearby the paddock there is space to park vehicles of riders, companions and visitors.


You can purchase during the registration at a price -5 € cheaper than post-race, the Sportograf Foto-Flat with 50-100 personal photos and many other generic of the event. You will also receive 2-3 personal photos every day.

* Presale price € 34.99 (at the time of registration). If you want to book the Foto-Flat after to make the registration, please send us an e-mail to contract it at Lowest Priced Tramadol Online

* After sales price € 39.99 (once the event is over)


The Paddock has an area dedicated to teams and brands that want to be represented. Space is compulsory.

Best Tramadol Online, Tramadol Online Cheap


These services must be booked directly with MasQueBici, on thisTramadol For Sale Online Uk.




Official Media