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15 Jul 2019

Compex forms the first female Compex Team in his history

The female Compex Team will participate on September 26 at the YoPro Catalunya Bike Race

After several years interspersing male and mixed teams, Compex has decided to completely break the stereotypes and form its first all-female Compex Team, which will debut in the next YoPro Catalunya Bike Race to be celebrated from September 26 to 29. The team will be formed entirely by users of the brand #COMPEX, all of them very different from each other, but with several factors in common such as their passion for cycling, overcoming and above all their spirit #WellneX. Taking the results as secondary and prioritizing our experiences before, during and after the test.

This Women Team joins 101 Percent (http://www.101percent.training/en), which will be responsible for planning the training during these months and we will soon share with you all through our social networks so you can follow them .

The Marketing Director of Compex Iberia, Marga Marín, says that "although today we see more changes in terms of women's sports, we still think that we have a long way to go to be equal. From Compex we will work to reach that goal by providing greater visibility and visibility to women's sport with projects like this"

Our director is right, since nowadays there are figures that continue to make our hair stand on end and ensure that 75% of women have to make an effort to get a little time for themselves, sometimes just to get 60 minutes throughout the week. Our WellneX project is born from these figures. Whose goal is none other than to promote a healthy lifestyle and, in this case, our Women Team is going to teach us that 60 minutes a week are not enough, that they have broken stereotypes and that they have begun to pamper themselves more, because They have realized that to give 100% to others, you have to give 200% to yourself.

During the next weeks, through social networks and slowly, we will present the members of #CompexTeam.




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