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28 Aug 2019

Recover with Compex

Recovery service with electrostimulators and the kinesiological strip Tape

Compex will be once again at YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race with its ‘Active Recovery’ service, to all riders, located at Poliesportiu de Puigcerdà.

An effective recovery method using electrostimulators will be available to participants at the end of each stage.

Don’t miss the opportunity to prepare for the next day to start in optimal conditions and achieve the goal of being Finisher.

As a novelty this year in the Compex recovery tent located at the Paddock, riders will also find the test of the kinesiology strip, also called Tape, a high quality tool aimed at pain relief, improve blood circulation and activate the regeneration systems in the body as the most important benefits.


The benefits of Compex uses

Electrostimulation and the brand’s own technology have become an essential and effective tool for athletes both after sports practice and in training after an intense pyshical effort.




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