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26 Aug 2019

"It will be the most important edition"

José Antonio Hermida (Merida) reveals details of the third edition

We could define this YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race in many ways. One of which would be, without a doubt, is José Antonio Hermida. Our ambassador reveals some of the race news, such as the stages you will encounter. 

After extending the number of stages for this race and with the Olympic Games just around the corner, would you say we are in front of the most important edition of YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race so far?

Obviously, yes! The first edition, in 2017, was very successful, but there were some improvements to be made. In 2018, we changed location and it was a great success, we will be back in Puigerdà for the 2019 edition. It will probably be the most important one, in terms of the sportive aspect, because of the closeness of the Olympics, the improvement of the stages and because of our conception of what a YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race should be. The organization, the routes and its philosophy are already a “brand” and that creates a lot of expectation from us. That also means some added pressure, but we will deal with it.


What surprises for the new edition can you spoil for us? 

There will be a lot of surprises in this edition. Both on the routes, you know I love traps, as in other aspects that are truly important for us. Many of these surprises come from the proposals from the contestants themselves. For example, the departure schedules, the distances… We love having the participants “influence” in some aspects of the race to improve it.


What kind of stages will the participants encounter?

Unlike in the past years, we have four stages. The first one is a 26 km one, but the second and third one will be around 60 km each. The last one its made with a Le Tour de France style, with “only” 39 km. This year the stages are not distinguished for having very high peaks, but medium height peaks in the surrounding mountains, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have “traps” with constant highs and lows.


For all those people who still haven’t decided, what would you tell them to make them turn up in Puigcerdà?

We are waiting for you! You have the opportunity to enjoy a race from the UCI category with huge international racers, stages designed with “love” and specially for the MTB lovers who are not professionals. Everyone is welcome!


How do you expect this YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race to be?

Four festive days of MTB.




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