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03 Sep 2019

“There will be top level”

Clàudia Galicia’s season just been growing up. It’s time for one of her most favourites stage races where she has won 5 of 6 stages ever done and she wants to win this four year’s stage.

Bike season it’s been a bit complicated, but on the latest weeks we’ve seen you with a really good pace. Which moment are you in, physically, to compete in YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race?

It’s true that I started the season a bit later than other years, but in overall I’m really satisfied with what I’ve done. After winning the general ranking of the Ski World Cup and the World Champs, I get a fifth place in the European Marathon Championship, also I won the Spanish XCO Champs and I achieved a 24th place in the European. In global terms I’m happy with that.


Without a doubt, you’re the queen of this race after winning five of six stages. What does it make so special and why are you coming back again?

Honestly, I feel really comfortable in this kind of terrain. I won it two times and I’m coming back because it’s a place where I’ve been training a lot of time, I lived there for too many years and I had a really good time. It’s a privilege to be back at home and I’m looking forward to participate in the next editions that have to come.


Where is the key to win almost the 100% of the stages of this YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race?

There are different reasons why. First of all, the Marathon is something I’m good at it and I can take benefit of. Also, this places where we are going to ride are like my home so I know the tracks pretty well and the single tracks as well.


For all of those who are in doubt to come or not to come, what would you tell to convince them?

Don’t think any longer! You will love the landscapes, the single-track and the views. And also, Puigcerdà’s life it’s awesome for all the family.




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