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06 Sep 2019

“Catalunya is a beautiful area”

The Norwegian rider Hildegunn Gjertrud Hovdenak is always a tough and strong contender for the overall victory. After her second place at Norwegian XCM Nationals and her Andalucía Bike Race presented by Caja Rural Jaén (2018 & 2019) victories, her second place in 2017’s edition and fourth in last year’s YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race edition, allows Hildegunn to dream and fight for the victory.

We’ve seen you fight for YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race overall victory a couple of times, will the third time be the lucky one?

I don’t know. I have some doubts about it but I will try to make my best. And above all to have a good time.


It’s been a tough year for you with some health problems, like chronical sinusitis, are you fully recovered?

No, not at all. In august I have been struggling with an infection in my thyroid also, and I  haven’t been able to train properly. But as I said I will try my best.


This is going to be the third time for you in the YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race, what makes it special?

Basically that Catalunya is a beautiful area and I love it. The place, and the people are the two things that make this YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race so special.


You know pretty well the race, but what do you expect of this year’s?

I hope it’s going to be a nice experience, for sure but I have to put my expectations a bit lower because of my health problems.


You’ve been second and fourth in the past two years, what do you think that you have to do differently to get the final win?

Train better, for sure. But, maybe it would be good to know the course and this year I will join the Olympia Factory Cycling Team. So, it’s always better to be part of a team. It gets funnier and easier.




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