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16 Sep 2019

“This year’s level is impressive”

Aleix Espargaró has become a regular contestant of this YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race. Besides participating in it, in the two last editions he also showed his great level as a cyclist. MotoGP calendars fate helps the “41” to participate again. In the best shape he’s ever been and ready to give it his all.

We’ve seen you participate in the two last editions and we’ll see you again in this year’s. What makes it so special to come back again?

It is a competition just one hour away from Andorra, my home. Also, the tracks of La Cerdanya, designed by the great Hermida, never fail to amaze me. I’m really looking forward to see this year’s surprises!


During the past few weeks we’ve been following, through social media, your workouts. You’ve prepared this YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race conscientiously. Are you in the good shape you expected to be in?

Yes, we started the season pretty early with the Cape Epic and then we switched to road bike. In the last months we’ve been training again with MTB to enjoy this YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race. We’re in a really good shape but we will struggle a lot due to the strong competitors.


Is the year in which your shape is the best it’s ever been?

Yes, I expect to keep up the level during the four days.


We know pretty well you’re an extremely competitive person. What would be a good YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race for Aleix Espargaró?

As I’ve said before, this year’s level is impressive, so being among the first 25 positions would be a dream come true.


You’re going to participate side by side with some of the best bikers in the world that will be fighting for Olympic Games points. What kind of stages do you expect?

I’m pretty sure they’re going to start strong and fast, they’re the best and this means fast stages. We’ll try to keep the gap as smaller as possible between them and me.


With your experience with the two last editions, how would you define this YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race?

It is a competition in which you decide your own exigence. It is a mix between technical parts with amazing singletracks and never ending climbs. But, always enjoying beautiful landscapes in Hermida’s territory.




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