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25 Sep 2019

“The track is authentic MTB”

The KROSS RACING TEAM rider, Sergio Mantecón, starts as one of the favorites in this new edition of the YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race and he did it by his own achievement. The current winner of this event is ready to defend the tittle in front of the best cyclists. He arrives to Puigcerdà ready to close the season going all out.

  • You arrive as the current winner of this event, what memories do you recall from the last time?

Specially the track, the track is authentic MTB and a competition with high level.


  • How is your physical health?

It’s been a really tough season; my strength is not the strongest, because the season feels really long. That means I will have to push with all my strength and finish the season with this competition.


  • Does being the title defender add extra pressure? How do you manage it?

Obviously because I won the last edition I’m one of the favorites, but that does not give me any type of pressure, I will give it my all and I will enjoy it.


  • With the Olympic Games around the corner, we find ourselves in an event with a lot of competition and higher level, as a contestant do you see it like that?

Logically, in a preolympic year a lot of riders are on the hunt for UCI points, but from my point of view the level is similar to other years. Which is very good, by the way.


  • What do you expect from this edition? The first change is that there’s one more day…

It’s one more day, but the long stages are a bit shorter. This means the amount of hours will be similar to previous years. It’s a good argument to enjoy MTB one more day.


  • For everyone who still hasn’t come to this zone to participate, what would you tell them a few days from the beginning? Any advice?

Come prepared for everything. In the same stage you might find various types of tracks. Pay close attention to food and to the maintenance of your bike, because as it’s a stages competition it’s tough for the rider but also for the bike.




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