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24 Sep 2019

750 registrants at YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race

The thirth edition will have 26 nationalities represented

This new edition of YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race that will start in just two days, will gather 750 riders to face an exciting edition that incorporates four days of competition.

Mountain Bikers from from all over the world representing 26 different nationalities will be present:  Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Canada, Cuba, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Honduras, Italy, Malta, Morocco, Norway, New Zeeland, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland.

In this edition we have riders from six new countries such as Australia, Canada, Cuba, Honduras, Peru and New Zealand, thus representing the five continents. The most represented nationality has been the Spanish with more than 500 registered, followed by the French, foreign country that in all editions of YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race has been the most numerous.


An historical that is being internationalised every year

Counting with this edition, 56700 mountain bikers from 39 different nationalities will have taken part in YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race, having covered 487 kilometres and 15.000 metres climbed. La Cerdanya is a territory where the Mountain Bike can be developed with great solvency since it has trialeras and trails loaded with MTB with designation of origin.


YoPRO as a name sponsor

YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race is a stage race where the most important thing is daily pre-competition digestion and post-stage recovery to be able to face the daily stages in the best conditions. Riders will have to be prepared and arrive with the best possible adaptations that they will have obtained with a specific training and feeding of the previous months, a good body composition and with the necessary energy reserves of macro and micronutrients.

According to Anna Grifols, expert in sports nutrition, “after each training, dairy products like yogurts are great recuperators since they provide essential AARR in the proportions we need to recover our post-effort and post-stage muscles. Among other recuperators, we can opt for YoPRO, a Danone yogurt that provides a high protein content (25 g of protein in its drinkable version), provides 9 essential proteins, 0% of fat, without added sugars, without lactose and, made with ingredients of natural origin. "




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