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Sivert plasticized end-on.

29 Sep 2019

Valero and Galicia win the third edition of the YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race

The Finisher Stage, which was plagued by countless punctures, revealed just how this third edition went down.

With only eight seconds difference between Nicholas Pettinà (Olympia Factory Cycling Team) and David Valero (MMR Factory Racing Team) emotions ran high during today’s Finisher Stage. Despite little more than a 40-kilometer stage, the dizzying descent after the climb toward Guils de Cerdanya caused multiple punctures. Among them was that of the race leader, Nicholas Pettinà. At the same time, David Valero also punctured, though his was less serious and he was able to resolve it within a few seconds. Pettinà on the other hand, needed mechanical help from his teammate, Ever Alejandro Gómez, in order to be able to continue. This time loss sunk his chances at victory, having to give chase to Valero, Mantecón, and Iván Díaz (CultBikes) who were out in front. The three Spanish bikers defaulted to an understanding at the finish line, where it came down to Sergio Mantecón, who won his second stage in this year’s YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race.

Sergio Mantecón: "I'm generally happy. I came here with the aspiration to win the general classification, but sometimes those objectives can't be achieved. It's not a failure; the important thing is to continue with motivation, change one’s attitude, and look for other goals that will inspire you to keep going.”

David Valero: "It wasn't easy to win the general classification – the level of competition was very high. Today there were several mechanical problems, fortunately we’ve been able to resolve them quickly and take the overall title in this edition of the YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race. To finish the season with a win is satisfying; this motivates me as I head into the pre-Olympic season.”



Sergio Mantecón (Kross Racing Team)   01:55:51

Iván Díaz (Cult Bikes)    +00:03

David Valero (MMR FACTORY Racing Team)   +00:03



David Valero (MMR FACTORY Racing Team)  08:00:17

Sergio Mantecón (Kross Racing Team)   08:00:39

Iván Díaz (Cult Bikes)  08:03:28

Riccardo Chiarini  08:07:26

José María Sánchez (BUFF SCOTT MTB )  08:10:10

In the women's category, the story was totally different. Clàudia Galicia, aware of her advantage over her rivals, started out cautiously in hopes of avoiding the famous mechanical problems that riddled today's stage. And that’s just the way it went down. Eva Lechner, second in the general classification, launched a campaign for victory by applying pressure to Galicia in hopes that she would make a mistake, which never came to pass. In chase, Natalia Fischer (MMR Factory Racing Team), followed them closely, but a painful crash took the racer from Málaga out of action and she had to abandon. Eva Lechner took her first victory in the Finisher Stage, and Clàudia Galicia won her third consecutive YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race. Undoubtedly, the Catalan has come to own this race.


Eva Lechner: "I was able to set a good pace today. I haven't been training for two weeks now; finishing with a victory high is great news for me. The YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race has been great training for me and I'm going home very satisfied.”

Clàudia Galicia: "I'm very happy. This edition has been different; I’ve never finished feeling this good after combining skiing and cycling. I was looking forward to winning three out of three in this race on home turf and I'm leaving very satisfied.”



Eva Lechner (Torpado-Sudtirol)  02:25:26

Clàudia Galicia (Megamo UCI Team)   + 02:13

Hildegunn Gjertrud Hovdenak    +10:19



1. Clàudia Galicia (Megamo Factory Team)  09:48:41

2. Eva Lechner (Torpado Sudtirol)   10:03:42

3. Hildegunn Gjertrud Hovdenak    10:26:23

4. Maaris Meier 10:36:53

5. Helena Plasschaert  10:55:27



1. Víctor del Corral Morales 08:53:34

2. Sergi Mateu 09:02: 51

3. Sergi Mestres 09:08:30

4. Miquel Mas 09:17:03

5. Bruno Nogueira 09:18:54


Ordering Tramadol Online Uk, Purchase Tramadol With Mastercard

1. José María Guerrero 08:47: 50

2. Jordi Ruiz 09:23: 03

3. Alejo Moya 09:27: 27

4. Moisés López 09:27: 45

5. Sam Humphrey 09:29:43



1. Pedro Rivero 10:19:27

2. Joan Francesc Iglesias 10:29:04

3. Jaume Estadol 10:44:17

4. Rafael Roses 11:16:37

5. Jordi Reixach 11:21:41



1. Eva Elbaile 11:51:47

2. Eva Martín 12:08:34

3. Mar Franco 12:30:18

4. Marta Riba 12:47:52

5. Lilian Soriano 12:55:41





3. MEGAMO 27:22:15

4. HISPAMIEL 29:07:10 


YoPRO, the official sponsor of the YoPRO Catalunya Bike Race, is a product oriented toward sport performance. YoPRO wanted to share some nutritional advice for tackling each stage. This latest edition emphasizes the importance of continuing to take care with one’s diet post-race.

According to Anna Grifols de Nutriexper, nutritionist, "After the physical effort, we need a diet rich in carbohydrates (pasta, rice, cous-cous...) and easily-digested protein (chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, dairy, yogurt...). We can supplement it with fruit, like a fruit salad or one that contains gelatin. If we’re not hungry, we can consume 1 or 2 servings for recovery. After an effort of this caliber, we have to consume enough calories between carbohydrates and proteins so that our body returns to its previous state.”

Anna Grifols added that "a natural option that’s available at each feedzone is YoPRO 0% liquid drinkable yogurt. This product provides a high protein content (25 g of protein in its drinkable version) and 9 essential amino acids. In addition, it contains 0% fat, has no added sugars or lactose, and is made with natural ingredients.” 





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