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29 Sep 2021

Recycle your tyre and Pirelli rewards you!

Give your tyres a second life and get a great discount on the purchase of Pirelli Scorpion tyres.

Pirelli, official tyre sponsor of Catalunya Bike Race, cares about the environment. The future of the planet is in our hands and we must start to create more sustainable habits in our daily lives. A first step is recycling and for this reason, the Italian tyre brand wants to be a pioneer in the recycling of its tyres. In Spain there is only one association that recycles this type of product, but at the moment it does not recycle cycling tyres.

The cycling sector has grown at a dizzying pace in the last decade and especially in the last two years. This has a high impact on the environment, both in the manufacture of bicycles and their components. Both in the extraction of raw materials and in the manufacturing process. So recycling tyres helps. Pirelli wants to reduce the negative impact of tyre manufacturing by recycling worn tyres so that they are not lost forever.

And Pirelli wants to act in the Catalunya Bike Race to implement this green initiative.

How to recycle your tyres in the Catalunya Bike Race?

Pirelli will have a space with a tent where the worn tyres of all participants who want to support this initiative will be collected. Once the race is over, the collected tyres will be taken to the relevant facilities for treatment and recycling.


What will you get in return?

If you want to change your old tyres at the Catalunya Bike Race and get Pirelli Scorpion™ XC M, Pirelli Scorpion™ XC H or Pirelli Scorpion™ XC RC tyres for €29.90 each, you can do it*.

From Friday 1, tyres will be changed until Saturday 2.

*quantity limited to 40 pairs of tyres




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