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27 Sep 2021

A new challenge is born, the Bike Race Segments by Garmin

As a result of the collaboration between GARMIN and OCTAGON ESEDOS, a new competition category with a specific classification has been launched.

As in La Rioja Bike Race presented by Pirelli and MMR Asturias Bike Race, in this edition of Catalunya Bike Race the action is repeated. It is a classification that comes to boost even more the fast-paced competition of this race and aims to reward the strongest riders and strategists in certain segments of the route.

For the fastest riders in the segments
The classification of these Bike Race by Garmin Segments will reward the fastest cyclists in certain STRAVA segments that have already been previously established during the routes of the different stages.

In this way, a classification will be generated, parallel to the general classification, made up only of the bikers who have completed the established segments the fastest and with the dispute of an exclusive leader's jersey that will be awarded at the end of the competition. 

To qualify for this classification, bikers must comply these 3 simple requirements:

1 / Be registered in Catalunya Bike Race.

2 / Being a follower of the different Bike Race clubs on Strava

3 / Have your profile on STRAVA open or make your activity public on STRAVA, the same day of the stage before at: Stage 1- 19:00 h; Nissan Super Stage - 16:00 h; Finisher stage: 14:00 h.

In each stage, the winner will be given a set of GARMIN merchandising products, as well as the leader's jersey for both the male and female rider at the top of the classification.

Segments Bike Race by Garmin in Catalunya Bike Race

For STAGE 1 (Friday 1 October) this segment will be between kilometre 18 and 22 at Niula and up to the beginning of the ascent to the cross-country ski resort of Guils Fontanera with 242 metres uphill and 136 metres downhill. 

For  NISSAN SUPER STAGE (Saturday 2 October) this section will be 2.7 kilometres long with 179 metres of ascent and 139 metres of descent. 

And for the FINISHER STAGE (Sunday 3 October) the Segment by GARMIN will be in a new area of trails in the direction of La Molina, from kilometres 20 to 25 in a section of 5.2 kilometres with 233 metres of ascent and almost 400m of descent. All of them short but intense sections to go for the best time and get into the classification. 

For more information, please contact info@catalunyabikerace.com.





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