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2018 GAES Catalunya Bike Race shifted by XTR Hotels

SERHS Tourism

Official Tourist Services Provider

Contact to book accomodation:

Tef: 674 706 791

e-mail: tours@bikefriendly.com

  • Hotel Muntanya Spa

    Doble AD Doble MP Suplemento habitación superior
    78,67€ 92,76€ 22,31€

    Precios DESDE por persona y noche, excepto suplemento habitación

    IVA incluido

    Estancia mínima 3 noches

    No hay release

  • Hotel El Prado

    DUI AD Doble AD Triple AD Suplemento MP laborable Suplemento MP viernes/sabado
    88,66€ 60,55€ 55,12€ 21,03€ 27,37€

    Precios DESDE por persona y día. Agua y ¼ vino de la casa incluidos. En estos precios no está incluida la tasa turística, que tiene un coste de 0,50€/persona y noche.

    IVA incluido

    Estancia mínima 3 noches

    Release: 15 días

  • Hotel Moxeiro

    Individual AD Doble AD Suplemento MP
    43,45€ 37,57€ 11,29€

    Precio DESDE por persona y noche.

    IVA incluido

    Estancia mínima 3 noches

    Release: 8 días

  • Hotel Solineu (26 al 30 de Septiembre)

    Doble AD Individual AD Doble MP Individual MP
    64,63€ 48,40€ 88,68€ 69,49€

    Precios DESDE por habitación y día.

    IVA incluido

    Estancia mínima 3 noches

    Release: 90 días

  • Stel Camping (Puigcerdà)

Bungalow: 50% of the amount to pay at the time of booking


Pitches: 25€/night


The riders have a 10% discount according to the low season rate, but at the moment of doing the reservation, they must pay 50% of the amount of the stay as a deposit and bond. The riders who make a reservation for a camper or pitch must pay a night as a deposit and bond.

  • Campus Cerdanya

Campus Cerdanya is a resort located in Puigcerdà. It is especially conceived for families, active people and sports enthusiasts who seek the comfort of a hotel and the possibility to enjoy leading sports facilities in which to practice their favorite sports and carry out Sports Training Programmes.




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