Information / Route


45 km & 1,320 m+

Friday 01.10.2021

The first stage of 45 kilometres, which will start at 14:00 on Friday 1 October, will be a fast stage and will be marked by a long staggered ascent of 10 kilometres that will take us through the municipalities of Bolvir de Cerdanya, Niula and Montmelús, to reach the summit at the cross-country ski resort of Guils Fontanera, climbing to an altitude of 1,913 metres above sea level. A short and fast stage where three quarters of the route will be on a wide, flowing, rolling and wide path.


58 km & 2,002 m+

Saturday 02.10.2021

The second stage, the Nissan Super Stage will be the longest stage of the competition. This stage will be hard and demanding with a start on a direct track towards Guils Fontanera and the Refugi de la Feixa and reaching the highest point at an altitude of more than 2,200 metres, arriving on wide tracks of good rolling that will allow us to get our ideal pace to face this long marathon stage.

Once we have reached the summit at more than 2,200 metres, the stage will be characterised by a wide descent on an off-road track to the Malniu refuge without reaching it, since we will make a sharp turn to the left and enjoy an unpaved path of about 6 kilometres that will take us to the idyllic village of Meranges. Then, we will link up with another path following the course of the Duran river that will take us to the 'new footpath area'. We will return to Puigcerdà by the well-known Olopte path to head towards Niula, use the Niula waterfall path and use the partial camí de l'aigua to reach Puigcerdà. 58 kilometres of which 80% are unpublished for those of you who are regulars of the Catalunya Bike Race. A stage where enjoyment is guaranteed. It will be a long, hard, exciting, intense stage with demanding trails that will force us to push ourselves to the limit because of how fun they are. In short, a marathon stage that will live up to its name in all the senses and aspects that mountain biking can offer.


68 km & 2.241m+

Sunday 03.10.2021

The third and final stage will be 68 km and 2,241 metres of elevation gain and will run along the south side of the Valley and will allow us to leave Puigcerdà towards La Molina passing through Vilallobent, with a first part of the stage on a fast track with very little elevation gain (practically flat) that we will all appreciate to get our muscles ready after the intense marathon stage of the previous day. Without forgetting that this is Puro Mountain Bike, we will face an up and down in the mountain of Vilallobent-Queixans and we will head towards La Molina on a combination of unpublished path and known tracks. Once again, once we arrive at La Molina we will have the classic refreshment to regain strength and face the 732 trail with a surprise in the middle, as it will make us face a short and demanding climb to get altitude and approach the ski resort of Masella to pull down again on a new path that will take us to Roca Castellana, which will serve us as a balcony to observe the town of Alp with panoramic views which we will reach by another path already known in the 2019 edition. Once in Alp we will face the whole flat of the valley parallel to the river and Golf Fontanals through family trails that will allow us to relax to finish this 4th edition of Catalunya Bike Race just 10 km from reaching the finish line passing through Bolvir and Puigcerdà.

*Remember that we love you so much and we have kept the climb to the Hospital de Puigcerdà.




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